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Slate Call Instructions

To produce the best sound from a slate or glass call, hold the call with your fingertips. Hold the striker as if you were writing with a pencil, but keep the end of the striker pointed at approximately a 20-degree angle away from the call. Position your index finger on the striker rod to have the best control. When making any of the calls, do not remove the striker from the call's surface.


Move striker in small tight circles.


Move striker 1/4 inch in straight line very quickly.


Same as clucks, but in very quick series.


Slowly slide striker in straight line across slate

approximately 1 inch in one continuous motion.

HINTS: Keep slate surface free of grease, oil, and fingerprints. For best results, use cleaning pad on slate and use coarse sandpaper on glass. (150 grit sandpaper can also be used on slate.)

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