Tylersburg Yelpers

Handcrafted Turkey Calls


We offer a variety of different strikers to produce unique sounds. They can be used with our variety of slate calls to effectively bring in the big birds.

Any of the striker "Sets" can also be bought as an individual striker.

Some strikers are very limited, so if you see what you like get it while you can.

Slate Striker Trio
This is a set of three handmade slate call strikers.

Corncob top with a shaft made from 5/16th hickory. Hickory is the most common wood used for strikers.

Corncob top with a shaft made from 5/16th Plexiglas. This striker is a must for wet weather hunting. It will work on wet slate.

Hand-lathed oak top with a shaft made from 5/16th hickory.

Each striker makes your call sound differently, so having extra strikers makes your call more versatile.



4 Striker Set  (with this set the extra striker is a corncob top with a purple heart shaft)

                       5 Striker Set  (you get a hardwood plexiglass and a black walnut striker)

Corncob Collection  

Corncob 2 striker set

This  set has 2 strikers, each made from corncob. One has a 5/16th hickory shaft, and the other has a 5/16th plexiglass shaft. The PLEXIGLASS one is a MUST for wet weather, as it WILL work on a wet slate. (other strikers usually don't)

Corncob 4 striker set

For those hunters that like to use corncob strikers, here you go!!

This 4 striker set is all corncob tops. The shafts are 5/16th black walnut, 5/16th hickory, 5/16th plexiglass, and 5/16 purple heart.

Corncob with 5/16th Black Walnut Striker              

Corncob with 5/16th Plexiglass Shaft  GREAT for use in wet weather. Will work on a wet slate! & Corncob with 5/16th Hickory shaft

Corncob with 5/16th Purple Heart shafts

Hand Lathed Wormy Chestnut with 5/16th Hickory Shaft

Hand Lathed Wormy Chestnut with 5/16th Plexiglass Shaft

Hand Lathed Wormy Chestnut with 5/16th Purple Heart Shaft

Hand lathed Wormy Maple with  5/16th Purple Heart shaft

You now can choose either dark or light colored top. Just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate, depending on stock available

Hand Lathed Wormy Maple with Plexiglass shaft

      Hand lathed Wormy Maple with 5/16th Hickory Shaft

    Hand  Lathed Curly Maple with  5/16th Hickory Shaft & Hand Lathed Curly Maple with Purpleheart Shaft & Plexiglass Shaft
You now can choose either a dark or light colored top. Just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate, depending on stock.


This striker was dubbed the "UGLY STICK" at the PA Wild Ugly Sticks
 Turkey Convention in 1998 and I can't keep these in stock. Many of the dealers themselves bought these strikers for their own use!!  As one buyer said, "It may be called ugly, but it sure makes a beautiful sound."  
The top is made from corncob and the shaft is made from hickory with an African "mopani" tip. A scratch pad is glued to the top for extra versitility. African wood is a very dense wood and will hold it's edge for a long time. 

You now have the choice of either a flat tip or a rounded tip. Just let me know which you prefer.

UGLY STICK with hardwood top

 A variety of hardwoods are hand lathed and placed on a 5/16th Hickory shaft with an African Mopani tip. Mopani is a very hard wood, and sounds GREAT!

You now have the choice of either a flat tip or a rounded tip. Just let me know which you prefer.

DELUXE Hardwood Ugly Sticks  

These are just like the hardwood ugly stick, but with a rounded "bulb" tip now of Mopani with a Black Walnut top, Kingwood with a Spalted Oak Burl top, & Ebony with a Cherry Burl top. The tops are hand lathed with a 5/16th hickory shaft

You choose the tip, we choose the striker.

Deluxe Ugly Stick Cherry Burl  Inlaced and Mopani tip

They're back. 

A hand lathed Cherry Burl top "inlaced" with epoxy to fill in some of the worst holes to make it stronger. It comes with a 5/16th Hickory shaft and a rounded Mopani tip. Beautiful to look at, GREAT sounding!!

Deluxe  Barber Pole with Mopani tip, Kingwood tip, or Ebony tip

These Deluxe Ugly Sticks are multiple woods laminated together, hand lathed and placed on a 5/16th Hickory striker. The tips are rounded Mopani, Kingwood, or Ebony.

All these woods are hard woods, and produce a really GREAT sound on a slate.  Just choose the tip, and we choose the striker. You can let us know if you like a higher sound, or lower sound, and we will try our best to accommodate.


Here's a new striker I'm "playing" with.  The tops are a combination of all the 'extra' wood, laminated together, and hand lathed. Some of the woods used are: cherry burl, oak burl, purple heart, black walnut, & maple. These are all ONE OF A KIND. 

The shafts are hickory with a rounded Mopani tip, hickory with a rounded Kingwood tip, plexiglass, and lastly purple heart.

A few even have a "lacy" effect. The lace is an epoxy that is used to fill in some of the worst holes. 

Barber poles are back!!!  

Barber Poles are multiple woods such as, curly maple, maple, hickory, cherry burl, black walnut, purple heart, cherry, and other woods laminated together, cut on an angle, and hand lathed. The strikers are either purple heart, plexiglass, or hickory.

Hand Lathed Mahogany top & 5/16th Hickory Shaft  or  5/16th Purple Heart Shaft

Hand Lathed Cherry Burl Top & 5/16th Purple Heart shaft, Hickory shaft or Plexiglass shaft  

Hand Lathed Black Walnut top & 5/16th Black Walnut Shaft

Hand lathed Black Walnut top with 5/16th Hickory Shaft , Purple Heart  Shaft or Plexiglass Shaft

        Black Walnut with Curly Maple and Purple Heart Stripes with Tapered IPE shaft and Flared Tip


This striker is called the "TWO-FER", because you get 2 for the price of one!  This striker is hand lathed Black Walnut with one end a 5/16th Plexiglass shaft and the other side a 5/16th Hickory 

Plexiglass is the only striker that WILL work on a wet slate, so why take 2 strikers when you can take one...THIS one


Hardwood top with 1/4" Purple Heart Shaft

Hardwood top with 1/4" Hickory Shaft

Hardwood Striker with 1/4" IPE shaft

IPE (pronounced"ee-pay) is a tropical hardwood that is harder and denser than Teak wood.  It has a beautiful dark color and a tight grain that gives it a very consistent coloring.  It is the heaviest wood that is available for commercial usage.

Inlaced Hardwood top with 1/4" IPE Shaft

Chestnut Striker with 5/16th Hickory Shaft & Bone Tip    

Great for use on glass and slate calls. With practice, you
can make an aggressive hen purr sound. 
                    It's high pitched and raspy                                    

Good for use on glass calls, and slate calls.. Sound is high  pitched and raspy.


These strikers are made from the center of the log "between" 2 layers of wild cherry burled wood that is hand lathed.( thus the "TWEENER") They have a lot of the same characteristics as the burled wood, including some burl, wormholes, dry rot, and a phenomenal grain.

The strikers are available with a 5/16th hickory shaft, a purple heart shaft,  or a plexiglass shaft.