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Slate Calls

I offer several different types of slate calls. 

Round Pot Calls

These hand crafted slate calls are made of cherry. The gray slate is hand cut. The resonator in this call can be slate on slate or slate on aluminum.

Many other calls of this type have a glass resonator, which tends to fail over time. Because of the way I fasten it in, I have never had a resonator fail.

The striker included with this call are made of hickory with a cherry lathed top.

Long Slates

These hand crafted slate calls are made of oak with a birch laminate top and bottom. They are the easiest calls you'll ever use and are extremely durable.

The striker is made with a maple top and 5/16th hickory shaft.

Pocket Slate

This is a small call with a lot of volume. It will fit in your shirt pocket, striker and all, and is simple to use.

It is a great starter call for kids or people with small hands.

The call is made of hand cut slate on a laminated mahogany top and bottom.

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