Tylersburg Yelpers

Handcrafted Turkey Calls

Box Calls:  Only have a few left. 
Once they are sold, there won't be any more.

Box calls are easy to use and carry, and are the loudest of all turkey calls. The box call produces a realistic sound by sliding the lid across the surface of the box. With just a little practice, it's easy to create different calls for different situations.

We offer several different types of box calls that will produce a variety of sounds to bring in the big birds. 

COLLECTOR'S BOX SIGNED AND NUMBERED (only a few left..numbered to 100)

These box calls are in our COLLECTOR'S SERIES 

                   They are signed and  numbered up to 100! 

                                   There's only a few left. 


The paddle is Purple heart with Curly Maple stripes and Diamond. 

                         The sides are cedar and chestnut




                            Curly Maple                           (no longer available at this time)

Basic Box  (call for availability)

                               IPE/ Honduran Mahogany