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Welcome to Tylersburg Yelpers

I am in the process of updating my website. Box calls are limited. Adding more strikers and slates as fast as I can, so please be patient with me. If interested in something, just give me a quick call, or email, and I will let you know of it's availability. Thanks for looking.

We are a home grown company, founded by Rich McKinnis, and now owned and operated by Wendy McKinnis, that makes and sells turkey calls. We've been making calls since 1968, and are now selling under the name of


We have box calls in all price ranges from the basic to the collectable, a long slate that's unique, a pocket slate good for first time hunters, or those with smaller hands, a striker named "UGLY STICK" dubbed this at the PA Wild Turkey Convention, and strikers of all makes of woods, and sizes. We even have the ole' corncob strikers, as well as 1/4" striker shafts made out of some exotic woods like "IPE", MOPANI, PURPLE HEART, and the standard hickory. 

I primarily sell calls through EBay and sporting goods stores in Pennsylvania, at this time, but I also sell directly through this website, which could actually save you some money.

Please contact me for details or with questions:

Wendy McKinnis

921 Mealy Drive

Leeper, PA 16233


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